TrainUp is a digital career coach that shows you the skills and experiences you need for your dream job and then shows you the best online courses and job listings to help you get there. TrainUp: get skills, get hired.

Our Vision.

TrainUp aims to offer web, mobile and chat apps which coach users on how to achieve their career goals and shows them the steps they need to take to get there.

How we came up with the idea.

As a product manager at a leading software company, Dan wanted to know what skills and experiences he needed to move forward in his career. Figuring this out was complicated, so Dan wondered if the problem could be solved with an app leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

What we accomplished in 72 hours.

Customer validation, prototype build out, revenue stream/feasibility analysis, MVP design, market strategy.

The Bus.

  • Silicon Valley
  • Texas
  • The Team.

  • Dan Driscoll
  • Brandon Monsees
  • Mike Lagomarsino
  • Stephanie Hoskins
  • Our Dream Investor.

  • Frida & Mitch Kapor
  • About StartupBus.

    StartupBus is a tech entrepreneurship boot camp and global championship on wheels.

    We disrupt the status quo by fostering the next generation of leaders in tech and bridging the tech gap across continents.

    Wanna partner with us?

    Email us at directors@startupbus.com.