StarterBlock is a marketplace that matches borrowers and starters, utilizing smart contracts on the blockchain to decentralize the process.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to create a world of educational equity.

How we came up with the idea.

Julia\'s experience was our initial inspiration, but we all have a personal story and can relate to this product\'s purpose.

What we accomplished in 72 hours.

We decided on an idea. Built a website (starterblock.io), launched several social media channels, and got followers and conversations started. We surveyed over 60 people online and live in VA and in GA about the idea. As of midnight last night, we have over 50 people who have expressed interest in participating in our program, with an equal number of starters and sprinters. One person even wrote this to us, \"My boyfriend and I have been talking about him paying off my student loan and me taking out a personal loan with a lower interest rate from him. The idea being that if we\'re going to share a future, my 8% loan is us losing a lot of money. It\'s been hard to find sample documents that we could use but if a platform like this could help, I definitely interested. I\'m not sure anyone else in my circle would be interested, but a 6% loan is better than what I have right now, and may be attractive to someone else as an investment.\" We have received lots of similar reactions to our idea. We have spread the word to hundreds of people via social media. We published an article on medium. We established our token economics and a telegram group socializing the private sale of our potential ICO on the Sprint Token. We also recruited two advisors, one with extensive payments experience and another who worked for SoFI and is CEO of a student-income agreement company. We\'ve pitched our company several times, all with positive feedback. We have socialized the idea with multiple VCs, and want to confirm with our advisors before setting up any meetings. We have our MVP ready to go, but we have to swap it with an Ethereum platform, and we are speaking with lawyers to form a security token to offer REGA+ offering of our token crowd sale in the U.S., and are limited by these legal requirements. Finally, we\'ve published videos and information about the Blockchain, and we\'ve made lifelong friends.\"

The Bus.

  • Women+TGNC In Blockchain
  • The Team.

  • Kelly Forman
  • Julia Farber
  • Deja White
  • Stephanie Vaughan
  • Ellen Langlois
  • Our Dream Investor.

  • Any one who shares our vision for paying it forward on a personal level and is interested in participating as a Starter.
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    StartupBus is a tech entrepreneurship boot camp and global championship on wheels.

    We disrupt the status quo by fostering the next generation of leaders in tech and bridging the tech gap across continents.

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