Pivot+ empowers women by guiding them through financial and crypto education modules, as they put learning into action, they are rewarded with tokens.

Our Vision.

Pivot+'s vision is for women to have the financial independence needed to lead the life they want, on their own terms.

How we came up with the idea.

We both are passionate about women being financially independent and want to see them thrive. Andrea pitched about helping women in abusive situations by increasing their income. McKenzie pitched a reward based platform where women can earn money through tasks to build their financial plan.

What we accomplished in 72 hours.

We gained the interest of 100+ women from private Facebook Groups for women in crypto, secured partnerships with the World Bank Caribbean women accelerators, and Black Women Blockchain Council. \n\nWe have also secured agreements with technology partners for financial identity on blockchain (Civic & Token of Trust), cryptocurrency exchanges (Changelly, Beyond Exchange), an open network of automated crypto traders (Tradingene) and a network of decentralized financial products like Salt Lending.

The Bus.

  • Women+TGNC In Blockchain
  • The Team.

  • McKenzie Slaughter
  • Andrea Walker
  • Our Dream Investor.

  • Beyond Capital Markets, Crescent Asset Management
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