Our two piece glove accessory adds a stylus to your existing winter gloves, letting you precisely type while keeping your hands warm.

Our Vision.

To make the best winter and extreme weather technology in the world.

How we came up with the idea.

We got tired of taking our gloves off during the winter to text, after getting frustrated with our "touch screen" gloves.

What we accomplished in 72 hours.

We 3D printed several prototypes, launched a landing page capturing pre-order intents, began advertising on Facebook, projected manufacturing and retailing costs (including cost of injection moulds, tariffs, overseas shipping, raw materials, etc.), created financial projections for our first year of operations, researched existing patents, defined initial target market and penetration targets, defined our brand identity, discussed logistics of incorporation and continued involvement of team members.

The Bus.

  • Ohio
  • New York
  • The Team.

  • Matthew Bunday
  • Josh Loughran
  • Rebecca Maurer
  • Dick Rowan
  • Our Dream Investor.

  • David Barnett
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