We are asking you to join our global network of entrepreneurs by sharing your brand with some of the best developers, designers, and hustlers around and making your company an integral part of the StartupBus community.

StartupBus acts as a powerful recruiting network, a force-multiplier for your brand, and a source of real world feedback for your products and services.

Press About Us

[quote style=”1″ author=”Wired Magazine”]“Part road trip, part code jam, the annual competition plunges participants, known as ‘buspreneurs,’ into two days of frantic business development on the open road”[/quote]
[quote style=”1″ author=”Mashable”]“Some, if not all, of these less-than-one-week-old startups have a shot at turning the machinations of a road trip adventure into successful business endeavors.”[/quote]
[quote style=”1″ author=”Huffington Post”]“StartupBus isn’t just a hackathon on a Greyhound bus. It’s also a self -starter alumni organization that’s isn’t only about who you know. It’s built on ambition, ingenuity, and rest-stop hot dogs.”[/quote]
[quote style=”1″ author=”Fast Company”]“The StartupBus is the world’s most frenetic startup incubator–not to mention, its most reality-TV-ready one– hurdling along the freeway with a group of 30 or so ambitious entrepreneurs who have just met.”[/quote]
The Next Web
[quote style=”1″ author=”The Next Web”]“Over 3 days we traveled through 6 countries, developed 5 startup ideas and visited 4 of Europe’s hottest startup cities on the way to one of the biggest fixtures on the tech conference circuit, LeWeb. Yes, StartupBus Europe was a trip I’ll never forget.”[/quote]
[quote style=”1″ author=”TechCrunch”]“What kind of tech startup can be built over four days, while riding across the country on a bumpy bus with somewhat dodgy Wi-Fi? That’s what the people who took the StartupBus to Austin, Texas for the South By Southwest Interactive conference found out.”[/quote]
[quote style=”1″ author=”Inc Magazine Judging of the 2011 Bus”]”While the judges commended the team for doing something that could actually save peoples’ lives, they also criticized the site’s user interface. “It looks pretty, but I had trouble trying to decipher it,” one judge said. Still, McClure told the team they “rocked” their presentation.”[/quote]
Venture Beat
[quote style=”1″ author=”Falon Fatemi, Partner at MkII Ventures, VentureBeat Contributor”]”Participants will tell you that StartupBus is the mother of all hackathons. […] Imagine building a real startup in a compressed time capsule traveling at 60 miles per hour.”[/quote]
Bloomberg Businessweek
[quote style=”1″ author=”Mike Caprio, Conductor, NYC StartupBus 2012″]“Taking a crazy road trip, that alone shows the kind of crazy, motivated people who show up.”[/quote]
Tech Cocktail
[quote style=”1″ author=”Gulnara Mirzakarimova – Tech.co”]”It’s more than just a hackathon. You get a chance to meet awesome people, build a startup, pitch it to investors…”[/quote]
The Wall Street Journal
[quote style=”1″ author=”Tomio Geron – Wall Street Journal”]”The intensity develops lifelong relationships,” Bizannes said. “Ten years later with the trust and responsibility people developed can bring them into new businesses together.”[/quote]
[quote style=”1″ author=”Erica Swallow, Contributor, Forbes”]”StartupBus was like taking my startup life, doping it up on steroids, and then sending it out to space on a rocket ship.”[/quote]

Sponsorship Opportunities

[legend title=”Competition Sponsorhip” style=”1″] Along with prominent positioning on all online and printed sponsor materials, our national and regional sponsors may choose from our list of exclusive packages. Previous sponsors have hosted live events, integrated their products with our critical StartupBus entertainment platform, our live content streaming, and more! We will prominently showcase your company by working with you to pick from our exclusive set of national or regional packages to create a custom campaign.
[legend title=”Product Sponsorship” style=”1″] Buses, hotels, mobile wi-fi, caffeine, power strips, and cutting edge software and hardware are all mandatory for making each bus trip a success. Official supplier sponsors provide these fundamentals to each of the competing tribes and their entrepreneurs. We will showcase your company by working with you to pick from our diverse set of supplier packages and create a custom campaign.

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