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The Startups.

In 2018, more than a hundred new Buspreneurs embarked on their entrepreneur journey and had launched 25 startups, with a wide variety ranging from blockchain-based pet identity service to presets for synthesizers.


Logo of Bundle


Bundle is a subscription service that deliver premium and patented educational and developmental content, toys, and activitie...

Logo of Digitalon


Our two piece glove accessory adds a stylus to your existing winter gloves, letting you precisely type while keeping your han...

Logo of Nahua


A web platform to edit and save presets for sinthesizers.


Logo of Vicinity


We connect travelers looking for unique travel experiences to the locals who provide them in real time.

Logo of Share Your Pain

Share Your Pain

A web app and safe space for overcoming emotional pain. Share unfiltered feelings anonymously with the community without fea...

Logo of Authentia


Companies use long and boring user verification procedures to avoid identity theft on their digital platforms. We are offerin...

Logo of Altogether


Altogether is like Microsoft office 365 but for families

Logo of Rabble


Rabble is a web app that matches users with groups of friends based on personality and interests.

Logo of Forum


We've built a portable, affordable, on-demand speaking coach that helps you effectively plan, practice and deliver your speec...

Logo of payd


Payd helps freelancers create simple escrow requests so they can stop chasing unpaid contracts and simply get payd.

Logo of Athyna


Allowing qualified people an option of lenders for their mortgage. While providing a friendly mortgage boot camp for those wh...

Logo of StarRise


StarRise is a mobile application which improves communication between music teachers and their students by providing an easy ...


Logo of POLL-E


Is a polling platform that brings immutable and transparent survey results in real time through the block-chain.

Logo of TrainUp


TrainUp is a digital career coach that shows you the skills and experiences you need for your dream job and then shows you th...

Logo of Ora


Speed networking from the comfort of your couch.

Logo of StarterBlock


StarterBlock is a marketplace that matches borrowers and starters, utilizing smart contracts on the blockchain to decentraliz...

Logo of PolitiTrust


PolitiTrust matches voters instantly with local candidate recommendations based on their voting preferences.

Logo of Pivot+


Pivot+ empowers women by guiding them through financial and crypto education modules, as they put learning into action, they ...

Logo of REMemory


Rememory is a permission-based network that allows families to have a decentralized database to be in control of your own his...

Logo of Buddy Bunker

Buddy Bunker

Golf buddy matching application

Logo of TruState


A rental platform anonymously connecting reliable renters and owners using SmartContract technology, eliminating the middleman.

Logo of Prodo


Prodo creates a sharing economy for specialty equipment.

The Buses.

For 2018, we have nine bus routes lined up. Each bus had departed from their regions heading to New Orleans in Spring. View the teams and conductors on each bus below.

Destination: New Orleans.

Crossroads of America.

Rated #1 Place to Go in 2018 by the New York Times, the tricentennial city of New Orleans is situated at the center of North America, where all buses can conveniently converge at one spot.

Not only does the city provide great support for building startups, New Orleans is simply magnetic with its majestic neighborhoods, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife.

1 Bus Trip.

3 Awe-Inspiring Festivals.

We have carefully calibrated the dates so that you get to experience the road trip and the city of New Orleans to their fullest, at the intersection of technology and humanities:

Not only you will get to participate in our competition, you will also get to meet and pitch to the 20,000+ tech executives and attendees heading to Collision Conference, as well as the top artistic talents who are in town checking out the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festivals.

(* Tickets to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festivals and Collision Conference are not included, and are sold separately from the respective vendors.)

The StartupBus North America 2018 Crew


A stunning photo of Madelena Mak

Madelena Mak

National Director - 2018
Lead Conductor - 2017
Buspreneur - 2014

Madelena wants to take you to your next level. She is the founder and designer of MiniMap, and had previously designed Trillian, a chart-topping instant messenger, as well as ZocDoc and FindDoc. Numerous hackathon experiences aside, she was a finalist in StartupBus 2014 on the Northeast bus, and conducted the New York bus in 2017.


A stunning photo of Ajay Desai

Ajay Desai

Conductor - 2018
Conductor - 2017

A stunning photo of Theresa Hines

Theresa Hines

Conductor - 2018
Conductor - 2017
Conductor - 2016

A stunning photo of Jalil Alchy

Jalil Alchy

Conductor - 2018

A stunning photo of Robert Blacklidge

Robert Blacklidge

Lead Conductor - 2018
Buspreneur - 2017

A stunning photo of Chris McElveen

Chris McElveen

Conductor - 2018

A stunning photo of Luis Raymundo Perea Kuri

Luis Raymundo Perea Kuri

Conductor - 2018

A stunning photo of Raúl González García

Raúl González García

Conductor - 2018

A stunning photo of Colleen Wong

Colleen Wong

Conductor - 2018
Buspreneur - 2017

A stunning photo of Colleen Lavin

Colleen Lavin

Conductor - 2018
Buspreneur - 2017

A stunning photo of Kristine Jennings

Kristine Jennings

Conductor - 2018
Buspreneur - 2014

A stunning photo of Priya Jhingan

Priya Jhingan

Conductor - 2018

A stunning photo of Benjamin James Linville

Benjamin James Linville

Conductor - 2018

A stunning photo of Keit Kollo

Keit Kollo

Conductor - 2018
Mentor - 2016
Europe Director -


A stunning photo of Nick Persico

Nick Persico

Mentor - 2018
Mentor - 2017

A stunning photo of Prateek Gupta

Prateek Gupta

Mentor - 2018
Mentor - 2017
Conductor - 2016
Board Member - 2016
Conductor - 2014

And also...

A stunning photo of Alice Ng

Alice Ng

Head of Event Production - 2018
Conductor - 2014

A stunning photo of Dave Steck

Dave Steck

Head of StartupBus TV - 2018
Buspreneur - 2016

A stunning photo of Akira Mitchell

Akira Mitchell

Production Manager - 2018

A stunning photo of Carl Shotwell

Carl Shotwell

Advisor - 2018
National Director - 2016
Conductor - 2015

A stunning photo of Will Yaworsky

Will Yaworsky

Advisor - 2018
National Director - 2017
Conductor - 2016

A stunning photo of Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis

Advisor - 2018
National Director - 2017
Conductor - 2016

A stunning photo of Jonathan Gottfried

Jonathan Gottfried

Judge - 2018
National Director - 2014
Conductor - 2013

A stunning photo of Andrew Pinzler

Andrew Pinzler

Judge - 2018
Director of Operations - 2014
Conductor - 2013


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