Entrepreneurship cannot be taught but we believe it can be learned ~ StartupBus Founder Elias Bizannes.

Founded in 2010, StartupBus is building an entrepreneurial ecosystem through unique experiences and inspirational connections. A community run organisation, the underlying vision to all activities is to empower the people that create change in the world and disrupt the status quo.

StartupBus produces the most intense startup competition in the world, where top talent from all around the world compete as ‘buspreneurs’ to build the next generation of technology companies over the course of a 3-day bus ride. We run events in North America (since 2010), Europe (since 2011) and Africa (since 2013) each year.

Our goal of our events however is in building the global community of people that is discovered from our annual competition’s. Our alumni have gone on to found successful startups, help scale companies into some of the best brands in the world, and become leaders in their local entrepreneurial communities.

StartupBus North America 2014, our 5th annual competition held in the USA, takes place from March 2nd till March 6th in 2014, with buses from 6 regions around the continent converging in Texas an epic competition.


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Our goal is not just to put on the most amazing startup competition experience ever, it is to grow the largest network of tested entrepreneurial talent on the planet. Interested in working with us and helping us reach that goal? E-mail us about sponsorship opportunities at sponsorship@startupbus.com, apply to be on a bus or contact us for more information.


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We have lots of opportunities to be part of the StartupBus experience. Do you own a company or do you know someone who would like to be part of the StartupBus Experience?

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